Melted Wax and Warm Paper

Laundry symbol iron warm

English: An assortment of Crayola crayons.

That’s a nice smell. 

I remember when I was in Junior school, we grated wax crayons onto a piece of paper, put another piece on top and then ironed it.  You could make all sorts of paterns with different colours.  But the thing I remember most is the smell of melted wax and warm paper.  I don’t get to smell melted wax these days but paper fresh and warm out of a printer still brings back the memory!

Oh, the simple things that stick in your brain.  They are often the most treasured of memories.

Happy Place No.2

housewife [derogation]

When I was young, between about seven and fifteen years old, my dad worked full-time, though rarely at the weekends and my mum was a housewife or what these days they call a ‘stay at home mom‘.  Those were the days in the 70s when most women stayed at home when they had kids.

I remember my mum did house work everyday which, thinking about that now in an age where it’s obvious most people don’t even know what an iron is, amazes me!  The only time she didn’t do it every day, and even then she might squeeze in a quick vacuuming during the morning or evening, was during our school holidays.  Most of the time, we entertained ourselves; played outside with our friends or went to our bedrooms to read or, in my case, play with my chemistry set (street cred totally thrown now!)  But occasionally, as good mums know, you have to show willing and participate in a little ‘kid-time’.

So, whilst my dad was at work, she would sometimes make a packed lunch and take us into the country for a treat.  We loved the country, my sister and brother and I.  Our town was fairly close to and surrounded by countryside but it was still around twelve to fifteen miles out and my mum had to cart us and the packed lunch (in bags) on about three different buses to get there!

English: Celebration at the summit of May Hill...

Sitting here, after an exhausting days work and wanting to do nothing more than eat in front of the television,

I really don’t know how she could have been bothered.  I have a feeling my parents were more familial than I could ever be!

English: Carn It doesn't get any better than t...

Those days were wonderful to me.  I have such fond memories of being so well looked after, of being brought up to experience life beyond my bedroom and having the kind of parents who loved sharing their passions with us kids.

I remember one such trip we went on, it was raining before we had even stepped out of the house.  It seems odd to me now, knowing that my own kids would chain themselves to the games console on such a day rather than go anywhere, but we didn’t even question why we were going for a picnic in the rain.  Three buses later and we’re wandering through wet woods and eating our picnic whilst stood up under a dripping tree!  I loved it.  It was what we did, part of my life in my family.

I will always cherish those days and even now I will go jogging in a torrential downpour or just stand in the back garden and let the rain wash over me.  Lovely.

Real Happy Places

  • Happy – a town in Texas, USA
    i've been to happy town. have you?
  • Chocolate Hills, Boho, Philippines
  • Giggleswick, North Yorkshire, England
  • Happy Jack, Arizona, USA
  • Carefree, also Arizona, USA
  • Harmony, California, USA
  • Happy Camp, alsoCalifornia, USA
  • Paradise, New York, USA
  • Christmas, Florida, USA
  • Niceville, also Florida, USA
  • Gay Meadows, Alabama, USA

Can you name any more?

Happy Smells

This image shows a whole and a cut lemon.

Smells that I could smell for hours:

  • Lemons
  • Roses
  • Freshly cut grass
  • Coffee
  • Just baked bread
  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Pages of a new book
  • Pages of an old book
  • A roast dinner
  • Rain on a summer’s day

What are your favourite smells?

English: Sunday pork roast dinner served with ...

Fantastic Idea!

How come I never think of things this good!

These were made by filling balloons with water mixed with food colourings, left outside on a wintry day to freeze, then the balloons are removed, leaving lovely frozen balls!  Brilliant!

Why Do Flowers Smell?

Flowers smell lovely. 

I’ve just been sniffing at some roses that my wife got for her birthday.  I thought what a gorgeous smell and then wondered why?

Well, I know now because I just googled it.  I had a feeling it was because it was to attract bees to enable pollination but I wasn’t sure if bees could smell.  Do they even have noses?  I haven’t googled that question yet, I’m not too bothered about that!

Apparently it is to attract bees and other insects and birds and even bats!  Bats, apparently, because of their limited vision and the fact that they hunt at night, can’t see the pretty flowers so have to rely on the strong smell emitted by pollinating flowers.

So, that is why flowers smell.  It’s a bit of a perfunctory and clinical explanation though, don’t you think?  I would rather imagine it’s because ladies love the smell, hence love receiving flowers and men buy them for them as a gift in the hope of enhancing their chances of a relationship.  I suppose they may also hope it will lead to pollination of another kind!  Which ever way you look at it, it has the same effect.

Anyway, lovely smelling flowers make me feel happy!


Happy Noises

한국어: 유럽향 드럼세탁기 (모델명_F1047TD)

English: Advertising postcard, picture side, f...

My washing machine is on at the moment.  Isn’t it amazing how the sound a washing machine makes hasn’t changed in forty odd years?  I’m sat here listening to it as it goes round and it if I close my eyes, I’m ten years old, sitting in the kitchen eating my tomatoes on toast, as my mum does the housework!  I find it a comforting sound.  A reminder that I once had a care free life and a wonderfully gentle upbringing.  It’s like I lived a different life on another earth, a bit like this one, only not all twisted and messed up.

Other happy sounds I like are lawn mowers.  The best ones are the manual type, but they are very rare now.  What about the sound of a cricket ball on the bat?  The evening chorus of birds (much more tuneful than the dawn chorus), a trickling stream, the distant rumble of an aeroplane on a cloudless sunny day, the buzzing of bees, and the gentle breeze whispering through trees?

Are there any sounds that send you on a journey into your past or to another world?

Emergency Post


Emergency Post.


Blogging on The Brightside

“WhoapartnerLittle red flag going up. Something tells me we should go through it, not over it.”

Dory, Finding Nemo

Drawing inspiration from one of my favorite movies that I saw in theaters again just last night.

I like to pull about as many lessons as possible from everyday occurrences. Sure enough, watching this triggered memory of a concept– a concept that I have worked to make a reality in my life. I’m sure some of you remember reading it on the blog prior.

When faced with something difficult, it is typical that we want to get over it rather than go through it. Whenever possible, listen to that little red flag and get yourself through it, not over it. After all, you never know what part of your journey will require the strength you gained from the prior struggles.

It takes courage. And while it’s not…

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The Best Way To Be

In these dark days, this is where I like to be!

Underneath this ground, you wouldn’t believe the wonderful world I see!